Food review: the Singapore Laksa and hainanese chicken rice potato chips

Forget the photos and let’s cut thru it!

Recently Singapore have a Craze for chips that are artificially flavored of our local food or favorite instant noodles like the chilli crab and black pepper chips from nissin and they are too spicy and too salty for me to digest it properly.

And yes, I have been wanting to try this two flavors since they was out and I do not have the chance. Although it wasn’t as salty but still, they taste as artificially as the two chips from nissin.

Well, the laksa one does suits my taste buds, it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be. Maybe cause of the scare from the black pepper one hahaha.

Whereas the hainanese chicken rice chips was kinda bland. Maybe cause I ate the laksa one first. Opps.

But, well, not going to buy it again though. It was a good first time try but I still prefer to bake my own salt-less chips.


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