Not updating? Nah.

I know it has been many days I have not touch this little space. But something that I never thought of, some one who would really reads it anyway. I often would give up, “give up” on something that I wasn’t given attention to or not going to give attention at all. And yes, I thought of not going to blog anymore due to life.

I know it wasn’t a good excuse but YES I THOUGHT NO ONE, NO ONE would visit again so I left it idle as it is despite having lots of ideas of what to write. So I have thanks this Uncle Tan *in laughing mood*, this near 15 years old friend to remind me I have to remember he is reading about me when he is at Australia. Don’t you worry, Uncle Tan KK, I am pretty much in one piece still and yup, I would still be updating my small little blog just to dirt your eyes about how bad nice I do despite you have my fb for God’s sake. So stop saying I am lazy!

Others from that, I had found a new full time job and recently started. It is a retail job too and so far so good though. I do feel I have better co-workers as compared to the part time job I had previously. So far the culture is better then the previous few jobs I did and there is this thing that I liked, shared commissions. So instead of personal comms, and every one is snatching and biting each other for our own comms, each store have our own target and everyone will help each other in a sense though. I had met all of the collueges and I feel that they are pretty nice. I do hope this harmony will last long though.

And I’m not quitting blogging as far as I know now. Would try to update as soon as I am drowsy enough to pop up. Heh.

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